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Brass reducing union (BSP) compression pipe fittings for plumbing, oil, gas and steam applications

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Brass reducing union compression pipe fittings for plumbing, oil, gas and steam applications

1. Versatility

Brass reducing unions are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing for easy connection between pipes of different diameters. Whether you need to join a larger pipe to a smaller one or vice versa, this fitting provides a secure and tight connection. This versatility makes it a popular choice among plumbers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

2. Durability

One of the main advantages of brass reducing unions is their durability. Made from high-quality brass, these fittings are resistant to corrosion and can withstand high pressure and temperature. This makes them suitable for both residential and commercial plumbing systems. The long lifespan of brass reducing unions ensures that your plumbing connections remain strong and reliable for years to come.

3. Easy Installation

Installing a brass reducing union is a straightforward process. The fitting features a threaded connection, allowing for easy installation without the need for specialized tools. Simply screw the union onto the pipes and tighten it securely using a wrench. This ease of installation saves time and effort, making it a popular choice for plumbing professionals.

4. Leak-Free Performance

One of the most important considerations in plumbing is preventing leaks. Unions offer a tight and secure connection, minimizing the risk of leaks. The precision engineering of these fittings ensures a snug fit, eliminating the possibility of water seepage. This leak-free performance is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system and avoiding costly repairs.

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RUO 23, RUO 24, RUO 25, RUO 26, RUO 28, RUO 45, RUO 46, RUO 48, RUO 410, RUO 412, RUO 416, RUO 65, RUO 68, RUO 610, RUO 612, RUO 616, RUO 85, RUO 810, RUO 812, RUO 816, RUO 1210, RUO 1216, RUO 1016, RUO 16114, RUO 16112, RUO 11202, RUO 4M-M5

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