Airless gun spray professional pneumatic tools


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Airless gun spray professional pneumatic tools:

The Airless Gun Spray is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking an economical and reliable tool for everyday use. With its exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability, this pneumatic tool ensures a professional finish every time.

  • One of the standout features of the Airless Gun Spray is its exclusive FlexSeal Needle design. This patented, totally enclosed design eliminates the exposure of needles to fluid, extending the needle life by an impressive 70%. Additionally, it ensures consistent needle shut-off, preventing any spitting and ensuring a smooth application. The fluid pushes on the seal to quickly shut off the needle, reducing any chances of spitting and ensuring a flawless finish.
  • The Airless Gun Spray also boasts an ergonomic design that prioritizes comfort and control. The form-fitted handle provides maximum control and comfort, reducing operator fatigue during extended use. The detachable trigger guard swings clear of the gun handle, allowing for easy access to the filter. This lightweight design further enhances the user experience, making it a pleasure to work with.

Trigger Lock:

Another remarkable feature of the Airless Gun Spray is its trigger lock. The smooth, lightweight trigger pull is complemented by a simple, thumb-engaged safety lock. This ensures that the tool remains secure when not in use, preventing any accidental spraying and providing peace of mind.

  • Changing the needle is a breeze with the pressure washer gun modular needle design. Simply remove the trigger cross pin and unthread the front housing to effortlessly change out the needle. This convenient feature saves time and allows for uninterrupted workflow.

Modular Needle Design:

  • Furthermore, the Airless Gun Spray is equipped with the EasyGlide Swivel, an exclusive dual-seat swivel design that reduces sealing friction under pressure. pressure washer gun makes it the best swivel on the market, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.Lastly, the Airless Gun Spray features the Easy Out Gun Filter. pressure washer gun innovative filter filters from the inside out, preventing it from collapsing and ensuring optimal performance.

Choose the paint spray gun for your professional pneumatic tool needs and experience the difference it makes in achieving a flawless finish every time.

Exclusive FlexSeal Needle Airless guns spray:

  • Totally enclosed patented design eliminates needles exposure to fluid, extends needle life by 70%, and ensures consistent needle shut-off
  • Fluid pushes on seal to quickly shut off needle and reduce spitting
  • Spring is located outside fluid path for better flow
  • Helps eliminate pack out and slow needle shut-off

Reduced Gun Spitting:

  • Repositioned seat is closer to the tip, eliminating 60% of the dead space
  • Less paint left between needle and tip results in less spitting

Ergonomic Design of pressure washer gun:

  • Form-fitted handle provides maximum control and comfort
  • Detachable trigger guard swings clear of gun handle for easy filter access
  • Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue

Trigger Lock:

  • Smooth, lightweight trigger pull with simple, thumb-engaged safety lock

Modular Needle Design:

  • Simply remove the trigger cross pin and unthread front housing to change out needle

EasyGlide Swivel:

  • Exclusive dual-seat swivel design reduces.

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