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Brass t assembly (3N + 3S) compression pipe fittings for plumbing, oil, gas and steam applications

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Brass T assembly (3N + 3S) compression pipe fittings for plumbing, oil, gas and steam applications

The Brass T Assembly (3N 3S) is a versatile and durable plumbing fitting that offers a wide range of applications in various industries. This product is designed with precision and manufactured using high-quality brass material, ensuring its longevity and reliable performance.

Key Features:

1. High-Quality Brass Material:

The Brass T Assembly (3N 3S) is made from premium brass material, which provides exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. This ensures that the fitting can withstand harsh conditions and maintain its functionality for an extended period.

2. Versatile Design:

This T assembly is designed to accommodate three connections on one side and three connections on the other side, making it ideal for various plumbing applications. Its versatile design allows for easy integration into existing systems.

3. Easy Installation:

The Brass T Assembly (3N 3S) is designed for hassle-free installation. It features standardized threading that ensures a secure and leak-free connection. The assembly can be easily fitted using basic plumbing tools, saving time and effort.

4. Enhanced Durability:

With its robust construction and high-quality brass material, this T assembly offers exceptional durability. It can withstand high pressure and temperature variations without compromising its performance, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

5. Corrosion Resistance:

Brass is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion, making the Brass T Assembly (3N 3S) a reliable choice for plumbing systems. It can withstand exposure to water, chemicals, and other corrosive substances, ensuring its longevity and preventing premature failure.

6. Precise Dimensions:

The Brass T Assembly (3N 3S) is manufactured with precise dimensions, ensuring a proper fit and compatibility with other plumbing components. This precision allows for a seamless connection and minimizes the risk of leaks or damage to the system.

7. Wide Range of Applications:

Due to its versatile design and durability, the Brass T Assembly (3N 3S) is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used in plumbing systems for residential buildings, commercial establishments, industrial facilities, and more.

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